New Zealand built motorhomes, imported motorhomes, trade in motorhomes – there is a lot of choice when buying a motorhome in New Zealand. Make sure you get it right.

The last 10 years have seen big changes in the motorhome industry. Richard at Boothy’s Diamond Motorhomes has grown and changed along with it - From importing to selling trade-ins, to building motorhomes.

We believe that we are the No1 top private spec builder in NZ.

Why? Because we can build your motorhome to your requirements & your budget, using the best materials available.
The result? A motorhome that will stand the test of time.

Do your homework.

An imported motorhome doesn’t mean a better quality motorhome. Alterations to imports can be pricey and in some cases are not possible. Before you make a decision, ask the right questions:

• Does it have a frame, if yes, what is it made of?
• How thick is the fibreglass, will the fibreglass fade, if yes, what is the time frame?
• What size are the water tanks, can extra water tanks be fitted?
• What size is the house battery?
• What is the cabinetry made from?
• Are the fixtures and fittings recognised brands, repairable or replaceable here in New Zealand?

Another important question - Why Richard and his team built over 70 motorhomes?

Richard has been in the industry since 1972, when campers were solid and well built with materials that stood the test of time – so much so you still see them on the road today.
We are sticking with the best of the old but giving you the comforts and facilities of today - the best of both worlds. We offer 2, 4 & 6 berth motorhomes from 5.2m to 8.5m in length.

The result? Solid, safe, well built motorhomes that are warmer, dryer and contain superior interiors and features.


Repairs - Service - Maintenance

From gas to electrical, delam repairs to replacing your campervan or caravan windows - in fact anything at all to do with the RV, we'll fix it, insurance claims included.
Book in for a service or an annual maintenance check - No need to wait for something to go wrong - for peace of mind let Richard and the team give your vehicle the once over so you have trouble free motoring. 

Our Promise

Boothy’s "Diamond Motorhomes" can build your dream at a realistic price.
So if it's service with a smile and a common-sense approach about purchasing your next luxury vehicle then look no further than the team at Boothy’s "Diamond Motorhomes" – where buying and selling with complete confidence makes a difference.

Drop into the yard or call Richard on 07 847 6610

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